FSP4U (Food Safety Plan For You)

Who needs a food safety plan?

Food safety is a good idea and can be good for your business. At this time most MN growers do not need to have their farm and produce GAP audited unless their customer– typically a distributor, grocery store, school, or restaurant–requires it. If you need to have an audit, the very first thing you need is to have a written food safety plan.

Even if you are direct marketing your produce and don’t need an audit, having a food safety plan and following good hygiene and sanitation practices can benefit your operation. It will assure your customers that you are proactively reducing the risk of microbial contamination on your produce. Get started by using the templates for Standard Operating Procedures and Logsheets linked below and adapt them for your farm.

The material provided here is guidance and not regulation and should be applied as appropriate and feasible to your fruit and vegetable operations. Keep in mind that this is YOUR plan and should fit YOUR farm. 

FSP4U coverFood Safety Plan for You (FSP4U)

 This is the Farm Food Safety plan template. It follows the GAP audit checklist. Download it to your computer and then follow instructions to make it your own.


** All files are editable, except for the .pdf.

Download the files by clicking on the links above. The files open as “read-only”. Save and rename the files to something other than the current name and then you will be able to make edits and changes.

Check to make sure you have turned off “track changes” on your version of Word. If you get blue text and underlines when you type that means your “track changes” is on.

Other templates

Here are some other templates for food safety plans:


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