How-to Videos

We have moved our videos to our UMN GAPs YouTube channel —

You can find the following videos on that channel: 

  • New: Hmong langugage videos: Mixing Sanitizers, Cleaning and Sanitizing Tools etc
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Build a Portable Handwashing Station (voiceless, anyone can understand)
  • How to Assemble Drip Tape for Irrigation on the Farm
  • How to Take a Soil Sample from the Farm
  • How to Install Row Cover Material on Vegetable Crops (limited narration; mostly action only)
  • How to Take a Water Sample of Groundwater for Testing on the Farm
  • Using Thermometers to Monitor Cooler Temps on the Farm
  • Portable Handwashing Stations for the Farm

 A few other sites with videos for growers