Developing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Pesticide and Chemical Education Materials for Hmong Produce Growers

Annalisa Hultberg, MS; Dean Herzfeld, PhD; Michele Schermann, RN, MS
Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Department and University of Minnesota Extension

Abstract:  Hmong farmers in Minnesota have little access to culturally-relevant, easy-to-understand pesticide education materials. To meet this need, this project worked with Hmong farm families to develop educational materials, compare the effectiveness of various education methodologies, and expand the current On-Farm GAPs Education Program at the University of Minnesota to include pesticide and chemical safety education for Hmong and other limited-English proficiency (LEP) farmers.

Education focused on:

  • The use of personal protective equipment
  • Proper measuring and mixing of agricultural pesticides
  • Reading labels and following label directions
  • Determining timing and dosage of common farm pesticides

The PPE poster was created with input from the Hmong-American farmers. The farmers prefer a poster-sized visual reminder that can be hung in their packing shed, garage, or other work area. They requested simple English words and phrasing. The model in the poster is one of the project participants. Download the 11×17" poster (.pdf)

UMASH Hmong poster

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Farmers practicing peer teaching in pesticide safety training
Farmers practicing peer teaching in pesticide safety training